Crisis Response

Feb 2020

CEO Rob Ireland traveled to China to meet with factories and design teams that had resources to expedite Survival First’s projects. Engineers in the U.S. designed several specialized crisis related products that will be released starting in June, 2020.


April 2020

APEX passed FDA CLASS 1 testing as a non-hazardous LASER. Eye safety tested as a Class 1 laser device, including IEC 60825/62471. Patent pending technology provides a no injury solution to detection, designation, and signal communications. This signal torch throws a beam over 1,000 meters and can be seen on axis at over five miles.

May 2020

To address the mask shortage in Oregon, Survival First expedited authentication and FDA lab testing of 3-ply isolation LiteMaid brand masks and makes available for direct purchase. To solve the mask shortage problem, we collaborated with Novus Labs to compete for a grant that would pay for the purchase of a mask machine, raw materials, shipping to Oregon, and training of Oregonians to make up to 50,000 masks a day. Out of 178 applicants, we made it to the final five candidates. Final announcement expected in July 2020.