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Rob - co-founder/product developer  

Rob started in the light business over 30 years ago as  an electrical engineer at the Air Force Phillips Laboratory “ScorpWorx” in New Mexico. There he led a rapid prototyping and deployment group that directly supported the Warfighter with the latest laser technology. During United Shield (1995) he trained and deployed with the USMC into Mogadishu Somalia with some of the first non-lethal laser dazzlers and NVG laser illuminators.
Rob received his J.D. degree from Mercer University, an MBA from University of Phoenix, and an Engineering degree with specialty in Electrical from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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Katie, Rob's wife, assists with the daily management of the business and covers all other essential business functions including marketing, human resources, accounts recievable - you get the idea. 

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